What is Sports Massage? Do I need to be a sports person to have a Sports Massage?

Sports Massage (also known as soft tissue therapy) is the most popular form of massage therapy. Our therapist will use deep tissue strokes and other massage techniques that will help reduce pain and improve sports and exercise performance. However these techniques are also very effective for people from all walks of life including those with no sporting or fitness background.

I play Sports and Exercise regularly. Why get a Sports Massage?

Most professional athletes will make sure they have a regular sports massage to keep their bodies in optimum condition.
The last thing you want is for those little niggles to turn into something nastier resulting in you having to take a break from your routine. Sports Massage is a great preventative treatment as well as being highly effective in helping you recover from injury.
Having a regular massage will boost your recovery time post exercise and help reduce the risk of any injury. This will allow you to exercise more regularly.
We will further assist this process with our free aftercare programme which includes stretches and home exercises to complement your activity or lifestyle.

What kind of issues can Sports Massage treat?

Sports Massage is very effective for those looking to ease tension or pain within their muscles. The pain may be from an injury or from postural issues as a result of spending long hours sitting at a desk.
If we feel that Sports Massage will not be able to treat your issue then we will discuss the option of referring you to other health professionals eg. physiotherapist.
Other conditions that we have helped with Sports Massage include:
- Tennis Elbow
- Runners Knee
- Lower back pain
- Pain relief from arthritis
- Pain / stiffness in the shoulder and neck area
- Rotator cuff injuries
- Tension headaches
- Stress, anxiety and depression
- Insomnia

Is Sports Massage painful?

It is a misconception that Sports Massage treatments need to be painful. However we do believe in the motto ‘no pain no gain’.
Although this style of treatment is not your typical relaxation spa treatment, most people find the feeling of tension release from the application of deep muscle techniques very satisfying.
Our therapists have undertaken rigorous training in anatomy and physiology. We will work with you whatever your pain threshold level and give you an effective treatment that is tailored for you and your needs.
Our therapist will use a number of varied techniques during your treatment which include:
- Effleurage
- Petrissage
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Trigger Point Techniques
- Muscle Energy Techniques

How will I feel afterwards?

Most people feel great after the massage – looser and energised.
It is normal for your muscles to have a mild ache within the next 24 hours after the massage – similar to the feeling you have after a good workout. This feeling will soon disperse.
We recommend that you rest and avoid strenuous exercise after a Sports Massage to allow your muscles and body to fully recover. Although you will be fine going back to work, try and listen to your body and take it a little easier then usual.
Going back to your usual fitness training the next day is generally fine, however listen more to your body. We will give you advice regarding this as part of your tailored after care programme.