What is a deep tissue massage and what can I expect?

Deep tissue massage uses a mix of classic massage strokes using increased pressure, typically following the length of the muscle from origin to insertion. We will reduce the level of muscle tension in your body by releasing knots as well as increasing blood flow to targeted muscles. As a result your muscles will feel more supple.
We will focus on areas of your body where you have any feelings of pain or tension. We will discuss these areas with you and make adjustments to suit your requirements and your body. To relax your muscles during the treatment you may be asked to breathe deeply to allow us to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue.
A deep tissue treatment is usually a more general treatment compared to a Sports Massage which tends to focus on more specific problem areas of the body. The deep tissue massage techniques will help promote increased blood flow as well as a feeling of relaxation. We will use fingers and thumbs in addition to other extremities including knuckles and elbows.

How will I feel afterwards?

By increasing blood flow and stretching the body, deep tissue massage has similar effects on the body as exercise. You may feel a little sore. These feelings will normally dissipate within 24 hours leaving you feeling looser and more relaxed. We will give you homecare exercises and advice to further assist this process.