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COVID-19 Update 26/06/20

Further to the governments announcement on 23/6/20, we are still not able to open our clinic. Please watch this space for any updates and we will be back as soon as we can.

COVID-19 Update – Opening Soon

As the lockdown eases in the UK, we are looking forward to opening very soon. We are still closed unfortunately however guidance from our professional associations and the government indicates that we will probably be able to open sometime in July 2020. We are sorry we cannot give any more ..Continue Reading

Back to Work

Back to Work

Does the summer vacation seem a long time ago? Are you struggling to get back into your previous level of fitness or routine? Do you feel the tightness and pain in your body has returned to the levels prior to going on holiday? At this time of year, in my ..Continue Reading

Body Works Sports Massage in Hitchin

Body Works Sports Massage in Hitchin

Over the upcoming busy months with Christmas on the horizon and a lot happening with Brexit looming and the colder weather moving in, it’s easy to slip into old habits. It’s a very easy time of year to slip into old habits and your own health and well-being can easily ..Continue Reading

Advanced massage treatments in Hitchin and Letchworth

Most massage therapists have a very limited understanding of the body and the muscles, carrying out routine treatments that do not fix the issues that the client may have. I have studied anatomy and physiology to an advanced level and from the moment I meet a new client I am ..Continue Reading

Tight Shoulders and Neck

  This is a very common reason for people to book in for a massage and the root issues are generally down to poor posture from long hours sitting at a desk. The head tends to tilt forwards due to the poor posture, and as a result, the main shoulder ..Continue Reading

Tight and Hunched Shoulders – what can I do?

Tight and Hunched Shoulders – what can I do? This is the most common symptom we treat at Bodyworks Sports Massages. Stress and sitting long hours at a desk working on a computer is the most common cause – resulting in the shoulders rising up towards the ears, as well ..Continue Reading

How often should I have a Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

How often should I have a Sports / Deep Tissue Massage? This is a question that I get asked a lot during / at the end of treatment sessions. Everybody is different and some people respond more quickly to sports / deep tissue massage than others. Some Clients have a ..Continue Reading

A new year 2019…….. Give your body a jump start with Sports Massage

A new year 2019…….. Give your body a jump start with Sports Massage   January and the start of a new year is a common time to reconsider your health and goals for the time ahead.   With the excesses of Christmas holidays left behind, many people start the year ..Continue Reading