This is a very common reason for people to book in for a massage and the root issues are generally down to poor posture from long hours sitting at a desk. The head tends to tilt forwards due to the poor posture, and as a result, the main shoulder muscles on the upper back and neck (called the Trapezius) get very tired and tight. What a lot of massage therapists do not realise is that the muscles at the front of the shoulder and chest (called the Pectorals) also get tight due to supporting arms busy typing and using a mouse. These tight muscles pull the shoulders forward into a protracted position causing further tension to the muscles on the upper back and between the shoulder blades (Trapezius and Rhomboids). To remedy this Bodyworks Sports Massage in Hitchin works both the back and front of the shoulders to provide relief, giving suitable strengthening and stretching exercises that may further benefit the Client. Please get in touch if this sounds familiar to you



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