Most massage therapists have a very limited understanding of the body and the muscles, carrying out routine treatments that do not fix the issues that the client may have. I have studied anatomy and physiology to an advanced level and from the moment I meet a new client I am looking at their posture, the way they move in order to understand where they may be holding tension within their muscles and body. If you are currently suffering from injuries, I will understand how to tailor the treatment to maximise chances of recover – this may include working around the injured area in order to provide the affected muscles with more ‘space’ to heal and lengthen. Rest assured my knowledge will maximise your treatment to get the best possible results as quickly as possible, using deep and appropriate pressure to get the muscle to release instead of light strokes which a lot of spa ‘masseurs’ will use. Get into contact with Dev at Body Works Sports Massage in Hitchin today to book an appointment as well as to discuss your requirements.

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