Tight and Hunched Shoulders – what can I do?

This is the most common symptom we treat at Bodyworks Sports Massages.

Stress and sitting long hours at a desk working on a computer is the most common cause – resulting in the shoulders rising up towards the ears, as well as hunching forwards. After time, the muscles start becoming shortened and tight and this results in pain in the shoulders / upper back, tension headaches and nerve pain radiating down the arm towards the fingers. Sound familiar?

A lot of therapists are great at working the shoulders. However an important area that is often missed by many therapists is to work the front of the shoulder / upper chest area. Long periods sitting result in these muscles becoming very tight, and they end up pulling the shoulder girdle forward. Here at Bodyworks we will use a number of techniques / stretches to treat this often neglected area to return the alignment to a more neutral position. Working this area is key to an effective shoulder treatment – if we were to focus on the back of the neck / shoulders alone the tight pectoral muscles will rapidly pull everything out of balance and you would be back to where you started a couple of days after the session.

We are confident and have a lot of experience in helping Clients with this common issue – please book in and find out for yourself.

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