How often should I have a Sports / Deep Tissue Massage?

This is a question that I get asked a lot during / at the end of treatment sessions.

Everybody is different and some people respond more quickly to sports / deep tissue massage than others.

Some Clients have a lot of tightness in their muscles, with symptoms of pain / niggles – this could be as a result of stress, sitting at a desk for long hours in a stressful job, or exercising very hard or too much. For these people we would typically recommend coming back either weekly or at least every other week until the tension in the muscles starts to ease. This process can take a few sessions. At this stage the massage frequency can be reduced to once a month – to keep the body niggle free and prevent it going back to its former tight state.

For Clients that have no immediate issues (that they are aware of) – we would recommend having a massage to maintain / improve the level of tension in the body at least once a month. A monthly massage keeps the body in optimum condition and helps keep you energised and feeling loose.

For people that exercise regularly – 3-4 times a week, we would strongly recommend having a sports massage every 2-4 weeks.

We will always provide advice on suitable stretches and other home care to complement the treatments.

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