A new year 2019…….. Give your body a jump start with Sports Massage


January and the start of a new year is a common time to reconsider your health and goals for the time ahead.


With the excesses of Christmas holidays left behind, many people start the year by hitting the gyms, pavements, pilates studios and personal diet plans in a hard way which can cause injury and harm in the short to medium term. The sudden surge of exercise can be a shock to our bodies.


Winter is generally a time to rest, reflect and recharge. Setting a good foundation for rest of the year. And it is important not to overdo it when training, and warm up properly before exercise.


In our fast paced busy lifestyle it is important to really look after our bodies at this time of year.


I have personally found that having a restful winter – keeping warm, sleeping and eating well, and trying to minimise too much physical and mental exertion always seem to pay off in the Spring. However this does not mean being lazy and inactive. Our bodies are designed to move and exercise is one of the best ways to achieve this.


Massage therapy is a great support to the body at this time of year. If you have had a break from exercise and are looking for a boost to get you back into fitness then book a massage with Body Works. We can loosen up any tension as well as removing adhesions / knots in the soft tissue to make you perform more efficiently. And the feeling of wellbeing after a massage may inspire you to stick to your chosen regimen.


Why not give it a go? With a proven track record of helping many people back into fitness please get in touch to book your session now.


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