Massage benefits for Marathon Runners

Some Benefits of Sports Massage for Marathon Runners

Here at Body Works Sports Massage we work with many runners – some of them train and run in marathons. Here is a list of some of the benefits that massage brings to the running world.

1. If you have a sedentary desk job, key muscles that are important to your running performance such as your hip flexors, IT band, adductors and quads are all held in a shortened position resulting in them tightening up and making you feel stiff. The transition from sitting all day to running puts a lot of strain on these already tight muscles. We will stretch and use a number of techniques to loosen these muscles and re-align the muscle fibers which will increase the efficiency of these muscles and make them feel looser.

2. Regular running will make the muscles tighter and more prone to niggles and injury. Even with regular stretching and the use of a foam roller, the muscles may start to ache and you may feel tired and stiff. A sports massage will work directly on those areas that need treatment the most easing the pain and improving your recovery time.

3. Increasing levels of soreness and muscle tightness can alter your running gait leading to even more tightness due to muscles compensating and working harder then they are used to. Prior to your treatment we will perform postural assessments to identify if this may be happening. We will also work the compensating muscles and restore balance to your body.

4. Marathon running requires a lot of training – perhaps more so than you have ever done in your life. This will result in a lot of extra pressure and strain on those muscles and joints. We will massage those hard worked areas resulting in better recovery times and easing your mind that you are less likely to cause injury to yourself.

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